Friday, December 18, 2009


Ever heard of the idea that your partner is supposed to make you feel good and validated..? Thats how some people translate intimacy. Is that wishful thinking? Or is that how it should be..? The cultural template says, ..yes, your partner is going to make you feel good and validated.. but hey, we are all partners here, I know its going to be a stretch.. for me at least. It is OK if we dont really care about self respect and all, but me..? I cant be accommodating and validating all the time, Ill have accommodating fatigue. there such a thing..? accomodating fatigue..?

Problem is, we are not supposed to or allowed to have this fatigue. So what do you do when you have one? Shoot some King Kong..?

Hmm.. talk about King Kong, how come King Kong always die in the end..? why cant they make a better King Kong movie with a happy ending? Im sure the kids would love it. Some expert opinion argues that (..hihihi, dont ask! ) if King Kong movie were to be made in Bollywood, the King of Kong would have lived happily ever after.

Maybe I should go into the movie biz and re-create the whole King Kong movie. With a scale down budget, I think a 3 ft monkey perching on top of KLCC would do the trick. Nowthe lighter stuff (yeah, King Kong was heavy..). You read the news.? Hong Kong gangster movie won best film award, suicide bomber film best film award, love stories about gays - best film award, King Kong shot dead. I think Im missing something here, and it has nothing to do with King Kong. Im sure there are some positive moral and political issues in those film there really such a thing..? but who is cooking what..? Wanna be famous..? Anyone..? Careful there, it will bite us back someday.

Not the awards lah..

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