Friday, December 18, 2009

Gegaran cinta...

Im always at sea every time Feb. 14 shows up. Shud I get into the boat like everyone else or shudnt i...? surely I cant pretend that this is just another day for I have seen and tasted the brutality of Feb. 14, Its a race, everyone is rushing to get something or somewhere.. If you are in love or if you love someone, this is the day that must count. Youll have to put the other 364 days in a bin if you dont stand up and make this day a day to remember. What else can you do, if your love one, like everyone else on this planet, expect somekind of a surprise from you? And considering all the expectation and the exploitation of Feb. 14, can there really be a surprise on this day? Oh..I can think of 1, staying at home is a suprise. What else..? Dont get me totally wrong, I do appreciate my love in large doses. But I dont do Simon says on Feb. 14, no not because of the brutality - pasar Ramadhan is more brutal and I'm already looking forward to the next one.. but I just dont fancy the fancy stuff of Feb.14. My idea of Valentines celebration, is a nite by the beach, on a deserted island, somewhere, preferably in the middle of an ocean where the element of surprise is to my whim, ONLY me! - and not by someone who flash their lights on her body while asking me for my ID.

Angels, Happy Valentine's day.

To 'cinta gegarkan hatiku..' - the time will come.

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