Friday, December 18, 2009

I'd rather have a toothache..

I have an assload of stuff to deal with. I mean really deal with, not just the usual "hmm this sucks" and trudge right through it kinda bullshit, dang!! Nvm, they can wait – for now at least. But have you ever gone deep to think whether what we are having right now is life..or are we on wasted time..? How about the people we surround ourselves with or the people we push away.. I’m talking about the people we are/were very close with.

Somebody asked me, what do we do when our closest fren betray us..? Er..I don’t know, did Brutus betray Ceaser..? He did conspire to have Ceaser killed but ‘’s not that I love Ceaser less, I love Rome more..’, he said. Arrgh! It’s half full, half empty glass.

If it were up to me..I will never conspire to kill Ceaser for Rome. Never.

The people we push away..? Did we betray them..? I think I did but I don’t have Rome for justification..oops!.hang on, I’l be back – like I said I have an assload of stuff to deal with.

Maybe I should pay more attention to Man U, and not this @#$ (toot!)


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