Friday, December 18, 2009

Dissecting Anwar..

Say the name 'Anwar Ibrahim' and certain images just pop up, depending on who you are. To some 'Anwar' is a gay, others a victim. But to me, Anwar was a heavily dramatized sad story.

I always wanted him to be the next Prime Minister because he has what it takes to lead this country. And more so because he was groomed by one of the best in the biz, if not, the best Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. So what went wrong..? Was he really a gay? Did he really have sexual encounters with Sukma and Ali Munawar? With all due respect, Ali Munawar..? No matter what some people may say, I never think so. The argument that Mahathir wanted only the best for Malaysia was true and for many years he saw that in Anwar. But that came to a dramatic end as Mahathir did an about turn - abandoned his posture on Anwar and rudely exposed that Anwar will never be the Prime Minister of Malaysia. The man he trained, taught, skilled and educate was suddenly not fit to be the PM. What really went wrong?

So many questions still left unanswered, even today - some 7, 8 years after.? Was it political? Was Anwar really impatient? A hurried man..? I don't think so as he was just a few months away from becoming the next prime minister. Was he a threat to Mahathir after his retirement, as some claimed. Never. I am sure, whatever mistakes, if there were any, by Dr. Mahathir, would be forgiven. Anwar would never have taken Dr.M to any unwanted task.

Let's dissect the situation a little bit, from a bigger perspective. Who benefits most from this (Mahathir-Anwar) saga. Definitely not Anwar. And Mahathir? being the man he is, would never have got himself drawn into something as stupid as this. He doesn't need this. So what was the real deal then..?

Think again.! (let's play the 'what if' game...)

Against the backdrop of Western apprehension and uneasiness towards the Muslim, Mahathir has successfully brought this country to a new and unexpected height. Malaysia was doing very well in all areas and was even featured in the Times magazines. We were considered the new tigers of Asia and Mahathir, a Statesman. The third world mostly Muslim countries started to look up to Malaysia. Malaysia was becoming the leader and the benchmark for almost every Muslim nation, a preferred example you can say. They love everything Malaysia.

However, Mahathir, for all he is, was not a threat to the West, for eventho he is a Muslim, he is seen as a liberal Muslim. He can shout all he wants but the West knew he was a no threat. True, he gave his mind to the world but he wasn't into uniting the Muslim world.

Anwar on the other hand is young, religious and ambitious. Someone with the potential and the ability and probably with a mission to unite the Muslim world, given the opportunity - definitely not the kind of profile welcome by the West to lead the Muslim world. Already, Indonesia with the biggest Muslim population in the world, were looking up to him. And if you add those rich Arab oil producing countries to the list, Anwar could grow up to be their biggest nightmare. He was like a burning fire, and like all burning fire you must make sure they remain small and under control. Anwar must not be allowed to grow in stature and the Muslim must never be allowed to unite, at any cost.. And so, that was what happened, and without any blood on their hand. Period. The rest are chicken feed.

This is what creating the future was all about and the future was created that day, withstanding all test of reality. But dont be smoked by their friendly gestures towards Anwar, a small fire is always a friend. We have seen too many....ask the Iraqis.

Just look at the aftermath:-

1. Muslim countries are still divided. - Status quo thus remains.
2. Anwar is now a no story, as he no longer have the platform nor the potential nor the ability to unite the Muslim world, and
3. Mahathir is still the man he was, only retired.
4. The West..? They sleep better at nite.

Very desirable. And another mission accomplished!

This is my space, my world, my thought.

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