Friday, December 18, 2009

Politics, lies and honesty..

Is there really a big difference between telling a lie and not being honest..? If, and it's a big if, there is no difference, why do we still have to put up with certain ministers in the new cabinet. So much hoo! & so much huh? over AP and those stuructural damages to some of our bridges, backed by some hopeless truth and ambiguous honesty but an eye blink later, the wonder of Malaysian tolerance was put on display as people start to forget and sing a diff lullaby, congratulating Pak Lah over the new reshuffle which includes among other nominees, both the AP minister and the cracked-bridge minister. And Rafidah is whistling again…What is going on Pak Lah? Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that people have been calling for their accountability and resignation?

But then again, by comparison, Bush murdered 100.000 innocent Iraqis, and he is still the president of USA, and policing the world!! so what are some structural damages to our bridges, right? and to a lesser extend all those issues over AP. Cheney shot one of his admin staff and he is still in the office. Just point your finger at Bush and you will get away with almost anything and we being Malaysian, we always benchmark against the best..right?

Maybe a bridge has to collapse with a death toll of over 100 people or Proton has to fold-up after losing out to ever increasing AP holders (they already lost grounds..), before we can see some real affirmative action.., yeah maybe. And what's the deal with selling Augusta for 1 euro..? I could have easily outbid the 1 euro for 2 euro, and become the next CEO of Augusta (even for a week) before selling them and making some millions euro. It would have been a win win situation - Proton would have made 1 euro more, which would be good for their book, mind you.. that's a 100% more than what they get for their Augusta deal k, a big 100% more, and I, this is the best part, would have a new biz card that reads : Zulkifli Zain, CEO of Augusta. Cool eh..?! You try converting those some millions euro into ringgit…and see what they can do to some of those people who are homeless, or to some others who needed a few ringgit more for their medications or to…it's a long list but Proton never thought of all those.

DISCLAIMER : I have nothing personal against Pak Lah, Sam, Rafidah and the new Execs at Proton, really nothing personal. But if they can do all those and still remain in the office, something is wrong somewhere. I can do a better job. Period.

Release date: 04 May, 1999

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