Friday, December 18, 2009

Man vs Furious Nature..

The ground suddenly shook, then a part of the mountain collapsed, carrying wall of mud, onto the village, 'it sounded like the mountain exploded' said a survivor. 1,500 people are feared dead, maybe a lot more. Try imagining you were there, at home, watching TV with your family and suddenly..I wonder what was on their mind during that final seconds of their life. My prayers to all those who perished.

The rules with mother earth is simple, what we give is what we get. So what have we done to this earth..? A mountain collapsed!!? A billion years old mountain disintegrated just like that..?? never mind the non stop 2 weeks of rain, the mountain has withstood billion of years of rain, so 2 weeks was nothing. An administrator in the Eastern Philippines said, they want to get a clearer picture. A mountain just collapsed, thousands died.. what clearer picture??

Next time, it could very well be the ground on which we stand. Apparently, there is no limit to what we can do in destroying this earth, vice-versa. Give it some thot, if we don't treat the earth well, don't expect the earth will hold ground.

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