Friday, December 18, 2009

Sweet surrender...

We have heard it all before, a billion times perhaps.. – that the first cut is always the deepest. I don't know but to me, a cut is still a cut, always. Sometimes when we love someone so much, we surrender to the other, the ability to hurt us.. .and that's what we always get in a relationship, if not sooner, later. Never mind if it is just superficial and passing…but it hurts. Anyway…….

Did you see how powerful V-day was.? All the ahh and the ooh over each other on Feb.14th stop on the 15th. Wow!! Cool!

Mine was fun too, it was business as usual during the day, but in the evening, a pretty girl at the Baycity View Hotel in Melaka actually asked me…with a smile, ..'sorang je ke?'. Before I could ask her for dinner ('s V-day traditions kan?), she passed me the menu. Dang, I should have known.

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