Friday, December 18, 2009

What flirting culture..???

This is what they say....

In Holland, touching a stranger, even just a friendly hand on the shoulder is a big no-no, as is approaching or complimenting a stranger in the street. – I can never be a Netherlander.

In Britain, flirting tends to be alcohol-fuelled to cover up fears of intimacy and rejection. And they call themselves gentlemen? (btw I still don't understand how British women can translate 'silly cow' as a term of endearment).

Frenchmen are less sexually obvious. It's perfectly acceptable in France for men to walk up to a stranger in the street and ask them for coffee even at the risk of being knocked back. – Owh..I love Paris.

In Sweden, visitors maybe deceived into thinking that flirting does not exist since two strangers rarely exchanges glances, a wink or a telling smile. Come weekend, the Swedes let loose but nothing sophisticated as it's not unusual for an inebriated Swede to immediately ask a woman if she wants to have sex. – Hey, that is no piece of work. I could teach them a lesson or two.

In Italy, Italian get intimate, men and women embrace with ease at each meeting –but their courtship is long and traditional. – the very reason why mafia is big in Italy,LOL!

I still think Malaysian men/women are still the best…we are sexually obvious but we don't just touch any stranger, we have reservations but we don't fear intimacy and unlike the Swedes, we work for sex. We do get intimate and traditional but it's non-too-exhaustive, not like the Italians. Fact is, Malaysians have no problem in engaging, enticing and attracting but keeping is. That aside, you give me Nikki or Marion of 8TV anyday and I'll say goodbye to Alicia Keys for good. That much I love Malaysians.

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